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CNRA Tournament Calendar and Entry Forms/R2 Entry Links

The events below are the upcoming sanctioned tournaments. Sanctioning brings a number of benefits, including having the event listed here and on the event calendar of USA Racquetball. Many of the other ways that the CNRA can help with tournaments are explained on the page "Benefits of Sanctioning a Tournament".

Attention tournament directors: if you have your tournament applications in MS-Word, Excel or PDF format, e-mail them to and we will put them online for you here.

January 31, 2015: Stockton Super Bowl Shootout
AM: Open doubles, A singles, B singles
PM: A doubles, C singles, Elite singles
Eve: Mixed Adv. Doubles, B doubles
TD: John Ellis
February 01, 2015: WOR Shootout
Craig Park
February 06–08, 2015: The Valentine's Massacre
Oakridge Athletic Club
Simi Valley, CA
TD: Debbie Tisinger- Moore/Randy Lam
February 07, 2015: Sierra Central Valley Doubles Shootout
Sierra Athletic Club
4774 N. Blackstone Ave
Fresno, CA 93726
TD: Nancy Feramisco (559-285-4143)
  Jim Durham
February 11–15, 2015: USAR National Doubles
Tempe, AZ
February 13–15, 2015: Stuck in Lodi
Three-day shootout
Contact John Ellis (
February 21–22, 2015: Mammoths of Merced Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
February 25–March 01, 2015: USAR National High School Championships
Missouri AC
St Louis, MO
February 27–March 01, 2015: WRT Pleasanton Open
Club Sport Pleasanton
Pleasanton, CA
March 04–07, 2015: NMRA Tournament
Overland Park, KS
March 07–08, 2015: King/Queen of the Beach (WOR)
Marina Park
TD: Jesus
March 07–08, 2015: Antioch Tour de Cure Shootout (Antioch)
Contact John Ellis (
March 14, 2015: Midnight Madness Shootout
Rosarita Beach Hotel
Rosarita, MX
TD: Favio Soto
March 19–22, 2015: CNRA State Singles/LPRT
Los Caballeros
Fountain Valley, CA
March 20–21, 2015: CPRT Championships
Las Vegas Athletic Club & Minkers
March 25–28, 2015: USAR National Intercollegiates
Tempe, AZ
March 28–29, 2015: El Dorado Gold Mine Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
April 04, 2015: WOR Shootout
No tournament information
April 09–11, 2015: IRT Long Beach Open Doubles
Long Beach, CA
TD: Brian Pineda
April 11, 2015: Spring Shootout (WOR)
Florin High School
Sacramento, CA
TD: Bill George
April 18–19, 2015: Motown ’N Manteca Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
April 25–26, 2015: Outdoor 3WB
Las Vega, NV
TD: Mike Coulter
April 30–May 03, 2015: Ektelon 209 Battle of the Ages
In Shape Sport, Westlane
Stockton, CA
TD: John Ellis
May 02–03, 2015: 2015 Battle of the Borders (WOR)
Woodland Park Middle School
San Marcos, CA
TD: Dorcy Norton
May 09, 2015: WOR MOM Day Madness
Marina Park
May 16–18, 2015: NorCal Doubles Championships
Redding, CA
May 20–24, 2015: USAR National Singles Championships
Highlands Ranch
Denver, CO
May 23–24, 2015: TraThiristin 4 Tracy Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
June 06–07, 2015: WOR Warm Ups
Marina Park
June 06–07, 2015: Renaissance (Walnut Creek)
Renaissance Club Sport
Walnut Creek
TD: Nick Irvine/Margaret Pederson
June 13, 2015: WOR Beat the Heat
Florin High School
Sacramento, CA
TD: Bill George
June 20–21, 2015: Modesto Grafitti Nights Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
June 24–28, 2015: USAR Junior Olympic Championships (Stockton)
No tournament information available
July 09–12, 2015: WOR National Championships
Marina Park
TD: Geoff Osberg
July 18–19, 2015: Classic Concord Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
July 22–25, 2015: NMRA Tournament
Highlands Ranch, CO
August 01–02, 2015: Outdoor 3WB
Las Vegas, NV
August 01–02, 2015: Hot August Nights Shootout
Doubles Diamond Athletic Club
TD: Nick Irvine
August 07–09, 2015: Lodi Summer Sizzler Shootout
TD: Steve Cook
August 15–16, 2015: Some Like It Hot
Simi Valley
TD: Debbie Tisinger-Moore
August 15, 2015: Pleasanton Outdoor Doubles
TD: Elaine Dexter
August 16, 2015: Outdoor Tournament
Craig Park
September 04–06, 2015: WRT Port City Shootout (Stockton)
Contact John Ellis (
September 23–27, 2015: 3-Wall Ball at Stratosphere
No tournament information
September 26–27, 2015: Antioch Doubles Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
October 15–18, 2015: Ektelon Stockton Pro-Am (LPRT)
LPRT Tier One
Contact John Ellis (
November 07–08, 2015: Turlock Fall Shootout
Contact John Ellis (
November 21–22, 2015: Solano Thanksgiving Shootout
Contact John Ellis (

Unsanctioned Tournaments/Events

The events listed below are not sanctioned by the USAR or CNRA, but are listed here as a service to our members and to help grow the sport as a whole. To have an event included, please contact the CNRA president. We encourage event organizers to learn about the many benefits of sanctioning.

January 31–February 01, 2015: SB 8 Team Invite only doubles
Las Vegas Athletic Club
February 07, 2015: Oside Doubles
LA Fitness
Oceanside, CA
February 28, 2015: Arcadia Fitness Shootout
Arcadia, CA
March 07–08, 2015: Crosscourt/Woodland
Woodland, CA
TD: Steve Harris
April 18, 2015: Pleasanton High Schools Event
Club Sport Pleasanton
TD: Elaine Dexter
June 01–02, 2015: Police and Fire Olympics
Sorrento Valley
P/F Olympic Comm / Dorcy Norton