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Junior National Championships
come to Concord California…

The Junior National Championships were hosted at the Big C in Concord this year. There was also additional play at the Renaissance Club Sport in Walnut Creek. Thanks to CSRA Board members Jack Hughes and Margaret Pederson for assistance there!...There were over 200 players from across the country (32 states) attending the event. For the third year in a row, California won the state competition over second place Oregon. The next three were Ohio, Colorado and Michigan.. Play began Wednesday morning and wrapped up Sunday afternoon. Part of the result of the Nationals is determining which players make the National team. Of the 30 players on the team, 9 are from California. This team will compete in the World Championships to be held in December at Arizona State University.

California players finishing in the top three in the Gold Division include (alphabetical order):

  • Ismael Aldana—3rd 18 Doubles
  • *Jose Diaz—2nd 14 and under singles; 1st 14 and under Doubles
  • Teresa Diaz—3rd 18 and under Singles
  • Cameron Ghoddoucy—3rd 8 and under Multibounce
  • David Horn—3rd 18 and under Doubles
  • Dillon Huang —1st 6 and under Multibounce
  • *Victoria Leon—2nd 8 and under singles; 2nd Multibounce; 3rd 10 and under
  • *Sawyer Lloyd—2nd 12 and under singles; 1st 12 and under Doubles; 1st 12 and under Mixed doubles
  • *Aubrey O’Brien—1st 16 and under; 2nd 16 and under doubles
  • *Devon Pimentelli—1st 14 and under singles; 1st 14 and under doubles; 2nd 14 and under mixed doubles
  • Antonio Rojas—2nd 6 and under multibounce
  • *Jose Rojas—1st 18 and under singles; 1st 18 and under doubles
  • *Marco Rojas—1st 14 and under singles; 1st 14 and under doubles
  • *Bobby Sehrgosha—3rd 12 and under singles; 1st 12 and under doubles; 3rd 12 and under mixed doubles
  • *Sabrina Viscuso—1st 12 and under singles;1st 12 and under doubles; 3rd 12 and under mixed doubles..

Those marked with an * have made the National team. Others finishing in the top three of Non-Gold divisions included: Logan Nance, Luke Sewall, Zach Brancato, Cody Alsup, Mauro Rojas, Conor Pimentelli, Dima Gafarov, Tyler Lanman, David Horn, Cameron Ghoddoucy, Antonio Rojas, Andres, Barrera, and Michelle Hernoko.

Congratulations to all of the player who participated and good luck to the National team! Thank you to Jim Evans and his crew at the Big C for making this a great event. Thank You to John Ellis and Larry Steiner for some of the behind the scenes negotiations for this to take place

Brian Dixon
CSRA Junior Liaison

CSRA State Junior Championships

Junior players from throughout California attended the state championships held May 17-18th in Elk Grove at the Laguna Creek club with support of Quentin Pitman. The tournament was run by directors extraordinaire John Ellis and Steve Cook. Play began early Saturday, ending Sunday afternoon. Singles and doubles were played. The club was a great host for the event. When kids were not playing or reffing, they could be found playing some pool, some ping pong, or maybe some air hockey.

Division First Second Third
Multibounce Dillon Huang Cameron Ghoddoucy Victoria Leon
Boys 10 and under Mauro Rojas Bryan Crabtree Conor Pimentelli
Boys 12 and under Sawyer Lloyd Bobby Sehrgosha Estaban Diaz
Boys 14 and under Devon Pimentelli Luke Sewall Edgar Ortiz
Boys 16/18 David Hord Jose Diaz Kyle Kazmierczak
Girls 14/12 and under Sabrina Viscuso Christina Keyes Sara Leon
Girls 18 and under Devon Pimentelli Teresa Diaz Brittany Mayo
Boys Doubles 16/18 Victor Frausto and
 Tyler Lanman
Anthony Esmallov and
 Mitch Forrest
Kevin Winn and
 Jose Diaz

Brian Dixon
CSRA Junior Liaison

The 5th Juniors Only racquetball tournament held at ClubSport of Pleasanton on Saturday, December 8th hosted junior players from Petaluma Valley Athletic Club, Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club, Meridian Sports Clubs in Novato, Fitness West Daly City, Solano Athletic Club, Supreme Court 1 in Sunnyvale, Cross Court Athletic Club, ClubSport San Ramon and ClubSport of Pleasanton. Seeing the improvement in these players, most of who are returning players in our junior events, should make the program directors and junior coaches from these clubs very proud. The participating juniors were examples of fine players showing great sportsmanship. Not only do they love to play, they love to referee! Running an event for junior players is such a rewarding experience, not to mention a “breeze” compared to hosting adults. Hopefully we will have more of these fun, one-day events for our very deserving junior players. They are our future league, tournament and possibly professional players, and also our future program directors, racquetball teachers and coaches.

Results from the tournament are as follows:

Under 10
1stRyan Neishi, ClubSport Pleasanton
2ndSamuel Dover, ClubSport Pleasanton
Additional players in event: Noelani Lee, Kai Marshall and Jared Lee

12 Intermediate
1stNathaniel Amidei, Fitness West Daly City
2nd Chris McCrary, ClubSport Pleasanton
Additional players in event: Mikey Neishi, Grayson Ross, Nick Bayley, Amir Jabbari, John Crane, Manny Brazil and Gregory Painter

12 Advanced
1stSawyer Lloyd, Petaluma Valley
2nd Bobby Sehrgosha, ClubSport Pleasanton
3rd Sabrina Viscuso, Auburn Racquet Club
4th Luke Sewall, Petaluma Valley

14-16 Intermediate
1stTravis Tidd, Auburn Racquet Club
2ndChristian Skegrud, Meridian Sports Clubs, Novato
3rdMikey Bray, Auburn Racquet Club
4thMatt Grover, Meridian Sports Clubs, Novato
5th Christian Reyes, Supreme Court 1, Sunnyvale

16 Advanced
1st Victor Frausto, Cross Court Athletic Club
2nd Tyler Lanman, ClubSport San Ramon
3rd Cody Alsup, Solano Athletic Club
4th Zach Brancato, ClubSport Pleasanton
5th Adam Acrich, Auburn Racquet Club

CSRA Supports US Juniors Team

The CSRA Board and its members are pleased to announce a $1000 donation to the support of the US Junior Racquetball Team, specifically for the players representing California. Thank you to all the players who have donated generously to this cause and to the coaches of our players.  These are the future greats of our sport!!

California Juniors in Tempe, AZ for National Championships…

There were 31 Junior Racquetballers at the Junior National Championships, held June 20-24th at Arizona State University. This was second in numbers to Oregon’s 38…Despite this, California was the point champion over Oregon for the second year. Players throughout our state traveled to this event to compete against players including those from Alaska and Hawaii.. The average temperature outside was 115 degrees, making the air conditioned courts a nice haven…

Additional photos at the CSRA photos page.

Those attending from California included (in alphabetical order): Adam Acrich, Ismael Aldana, Cody Alsup, Sam Barrera, Esteban Diaz, Teresa Diaz, Jose Diaz, Victor Frausto, Alex Guzman, Omar Guzman, David Horn, Justin Ivers, Julia Lanman, Tyler Lanman, Sara Leon, Victoria Leon, Sawyer Lloyd, Logan Nance, Ashley O’Brien, Aubrey O’Brien, Devon Pimentelli, Jacob Prichard, Jose Rojas, Marco Rojas, Mauro Rojas, Bobby Sehrgosha, Jose Serrano, Cobey Smith, Sue Sublaban, Sabrina Viscuso, Jessica Winn, and Kevin Winn.

Play began Wednesday morning and continued on until Sunday afternoon. With most division either Olympic Style or Round Robin players had a lot of matches to play. A highlight for California was the dominance of Jose Rojas from Stockton. He won the 1st place medal for both 16 and under as well as 18 and under. In the 18’s he faced his friend Ismael Aldana in the final winning in two games. Jose’s brother, Marko, won the 14 and under division.

For a list of all the results, you can go to the tournament web page at

It was a fun time. Check out some photos of the action in the Photos section of this site. Currently the location of next year Junior Nationals is to be determined. Start drilling now for next year!!

Brian Dixon
Junior Liaison

CSRA State Junior Championships

The CSRA Junior Racquetball Championships were held May 5th and 6th in Stockton run by John Ellis, Steve Cook and the Stockton/Lodi crew...Players from throughout the state showed up to participate in this fun event..

Additional photos at the CSRA photos page.

All divisions were either Pool Play or Round Robin offering players a lot of time on the court....Ages ran from 6-18...Many of the players in attendance plan to go on and represent California at the Junior Nationals June 20-24th in Tempe, Arizona.

It was a long weekend ending with the 18 and under Boys final having Jose Rojas beating Ismael Aldana and the Girls 18 and under final with Ashley O'Brien overcoming Sherrika Darnell...

Other winners and finalists included: Esteban Diaz, Mauro Daniel Rojas, Alex Guzman, Devon Pimentelli, Jose Serrano, Marco Rojas, Bobby Sehrgosha, Sawyer Lloyd, Andrew Glaros, Logan Nance, Adam Acrich, Kevin Winn, Andrew Meyer, Jacob Pritchard, Jose Diaz, and Tyler Lanman...

For a full listing of the results you can go to the tournament website.

Congratulations to all who played and we hope to see you next year..

Brian Dixon
CSRA Junior Liaison

Juniors Open Results

Results of Pleasanton Junior Open from Saturday, March 24th.  We had 44 participants which is the most players we have had at one of our one day events so far.

8/10 beginning
1st Julia Lanman
2nd Ryan Neishi
3rd Eleanor Amidei
4th Kai Marshall
8/10 int/adv.
1st Bryan Crabtree
2nd Zephan Huang
3rd Dima Gafarov
4th Geraldine Villa
12 Beg
1st Stone Skegrud
2nd Tyger Cohen
3rd Mikey Neishi
4th Amir Jabbari
5th Alex Johnson
12 int/Adv
1st Bobby Sehrgosha
2nd Sawyer Lloyd
3rd Luke Sewall
4th Nathaniel Amidei
5th Michael Zanides
6th Wes Kalbus
Girls 14+ Division 2 (intermediate)
1st Michelle Hernoko
2nd Jessica Lanman
3rd Sabrina Hsu
4th Megan Crask
Girls 14+ Division 1 (advanced)
1st Jessica Winn
2nd Sabrina Viscuso
3rd Tanya Sehrgosha
4th Brittany Mayo
Boys 14-16 Division 2 (Intermediate)
1st Adam Acrich
2nd Andrew De La Roziere
3rd Johann Huang
4th Kevin Winn
5th Neal Kennedy
6th Drew Jones
7th Nathan Cox
8th Michael Sorich
9th Joshua Crabtree
10th Derric Caporaso
11th Christian Plazola
Boys 14-18 Division 1 (advanced)
1st Victor Frausto
2nd Tyler Lanman
3rd Cody Alsup
4th Zach Brancato
5th Dan Brown

The High school results are as follows:

School Points
Pioneer High School, Woodland, Ca 280
Montevista High School, Danville, Ca 227
Petaluma High School, Petaluma, Ca 202
Amador High School, Pleasanton, Ca 201
Vacaville High School, Vacaville, Ca 185
Colfax High School, Colfax, Ca 134
Foothill High School, Pleasanton, Ca 122
Good Shepard Christian Academy, Fremont, Ca 65
California High School, Sam Ramon, Ca 53
Rodriguez High School, Fairfield, Ca 43
Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, Ca 23
James C. Enochs High School, Modesto, Ca 19
Granada High School, Livermore, Ca 15
Casa Roble High School, Folsom, Ca 15

I hope we can encourage more clubs to have these one day events for juniors only.  I know that Garyn Scott of ClubSport in Fremont (who came and helped out in the morning at our event) said he would be happy to host one.  That club has 5 courts but because of his racquetball efforts they are turning one of the squash courts back into a racquetball court so they will have 6 courts.

Elaine Dexter

Juniors from California have impact at Junior Worlds…

The IRF World Junior Championships were held in Tempe Arizona from December 16th through December 21st…Players from California played a significant part in the USA finishing second to Mexico in this championship…The finish between first and second was a very slim margin. Many players from Jody Nance’s junior program in Stockton participated as well as other Juniors from the state. Players from California participating included:

Ismael Aldana, Jose Diaz, Ricardo Diaz, Teresa Diaz, Alex Guzman, Omar Guzman, Logan Nance, Jordan Nance, Ashley O’Brien, Aubrey O’Brien, Devon Pimentelli, Daniel Rojas, Jose Rojas, Marco Rojas, Bobby Sehrgosha, Jose Serrano, and Sabrina Viscuso…

There were many finishers, and I would like to just highlight a few significant ones here. To get complete results, visit the website…

  • Ismael Aldana and Jose Rojas placed second in boys 16 doubles
  • Ashley O’Brian and Sabrina Viscuso finished third in girls 10 and under doubles
  • Bobby Sehrgosha and Sabrina Viscuso took second in the Mixed 10 and under
  • Marco Rojas teamed up with Elizabeth Brenner from Oregon to take first in the mixed 12 and under…Alex Guzman and Devon Pimentelli took second
  • Jose Serrano and Teresa Diaz placed second in the mixed 16 and under
  • Ismael Aldana beat Jose Rojas in the tie breaker for first and second in boys 16 and under
  • Aubrey O'Brien played a tough match making it to second in the girls 14 and under
  • Many other finishers…

Please check out website for all results…Congratulations to all who participated. You have done California and the USA proud!!

Brian Dixon Board of Directors – Junior Liason

December ClubSport Junior Tournament

Saturday, December 9th, 2006 was the day of ClubSport’s 3rd annual Junior’s Tournament. I guess the “3rd time is a charm” saying is really true as this event ran more smoothly and successfully than any had to date. 35 junior players entered the event in 6 different categories...

Read the rest of writeup in the next issue of the CSRA Newsletter. Individual results below:

8/10 Beginning (one bounce) 10/12 Intermediate
1st place Alex Dunham, Pleasanton 1st place Sabrina Viscuso, Auburn
2nd place Geraldine Villa, Salinas 2nd place Sam Cesarini, Petaluma
3rd place Zephan Huang, Fremont 3rd place Christian Plazola, Pleasanton
4th place Brandon Cook, Lodi 4th place Nathaniel Amidei, Daly City
12 Beginning 14/16 Beginning
1st place Michael Zanides, Novato 1st place Johann Huang, Fremont
2nd place Grayson Ross, Pleasanton 2nd place Nathan Cox, Pleasanton
3rd place Nick Bayley, Pleasanton 3rd place Matt Grover, Novato
4th place Amir Jabbari, Pleasanton 4th place Sabrina Hsu, Fremont
12/14 Intermediate, Pool B 12/14 Intermediate, Pool A
1st place Nicholas Riffel, Auburn 1st place Adam Acrich, Auburn
2nd place Matthew Bluhm, Petaluma 2nd place Sawyer Lloyd, Petaluma
3rd place Christian Skegrud 3rd place Bobby Sehrgosha, Pleasanton
4th place Tanya Sehrgosha 4th place Ryan Giannini, Novato
5th place Brittany Mayo, Petaluma
Play-offs 12/14 Intermediate
Nicholas Riffel and Adam Acrich Byes
Sawyer Lloyd def. Christian Skegrud, 15-1, 15-0
Bobby Sehrgosha def. Matthew Bluhm, 15-1, 15-7
Semi finals
Sawyer Lloyd def. Adam Acrich (scores not recorded)
Bobby Sehrgosha def. Nicholas Riffel, 15-2, 15-4
Bobby Sehrgosha def. Sawyer Lloyd, (11), 10, 0
14/16/18 Advanced Pool A 14/16/18 Advanced Pool B
1st place Tyler Lanman, Danville 1st place Cody Alsup, Vacaville
2nd place Zach Brancato, Pleasanton 2nd place Anthony Alvarez, Madera
3rd place Preston Tuttle, Madera 3rd place Dan Brown, Petaluma
4th place Hayden Richter, Petaluma 4th place Drew Jones, Auburn
Play-Offs 14/16/18 Advanced: Semi Finals
Tyler Lanman def. Anthony Alvarez, 6,10
Cody Alsup def. Zach Brancato, 8, 8
Tyler Lanman def. Cody Alsup 8, 3

2006 Juniors Nats - “Zach’s Nats”

Last summer, a few of my racquetball buddies and I went to Lansing, MI for the Junior National Racquetball Tournament. This was the second time I went to the Nationals but it was my first time going with just my friends.


We left on red-eye flight the Monday before the tournament began to Detroit, we then drove two hours to Lansing. We finally arrived at the Kellogg’s Hotel. There were many other tournament players staying in that hotel. The hotel was nice except that I shared a room with some friends to save money. But this also was fun because we could hang out together. The next day we got settled, for the tourney began the day after.

We went down to the gym to see how nice it was. When we walked in it looked more like a hotel, then down the stairs out of nowhere there are twelve glass courts and a full sized basketball court right in the middle. For the full glass courts the ref would stand outside with the microphone to ref.

One day, we had some time when none of us had matches so we drove three hours down to Chicago to see the Bulls’ stadium and Micheal Jordan statue and get deep dish pizza. At the Bulls’ stadium we got pictures of the famous Micheal Jordan statue. We made the drive back the same day and got lost by Detroit.

Close to the end of the trip there was a pool party taking place at the gym. The swimming pool looked equivalent to a community center - water slide and everything. The day of the party was also my 14th birthday so a bunch of us went to the movies right after the party. I celebrated my birthday at last year’s tournament in Oregon. Last year, though, my parents were with me.

The next day there was a Head meeting at the bowling ally. Doug Ganim was there to talk about all of the new Head gear. During his presentation he passed out headbands. The next day was the last day of the tournament. The jamboree was that day too. They gave awards to all of the players who got in to the semi finals for the gold division. They hired a band for the tournament for dancing and they served chicken parmesan for the food.

At the tournament, I played mixed doubles. We lost in the first round of the gold division and dropped down. Then we won our next matches and won by forfeit because the other team didn’t show up in the finals. We were awarded the gold medal. Then the team that forfeited showed up and we had to play them and lost. So the day after I had my medal and the director asked for the medal back. I gave it back but I just thought it wasn’t really cool that the other team showed up a day late and we had to play them.

I had also played boys 14s doubles. For our second match we had to play a really good team. We played our best but we lost and the team that we played came in first for the entire division. At the tournament, I was supported and coached by my coach Elaine Dexter.

Since returning from the tournament, I have been playing a lot more at our club and playing a lot of challenge matches. I am more confident in working on my game and in challenging adults. So far, I have moved up about 15 positions on our challenge ladder. I have also played some local tournaments and will play more in the fall.

Zachary Brancato
14 year old Junior – Club Sport Pleasanton

2006 Juniors Nationals

There were 31 Junior players who attended the National Championships held in Lansing, Michigan in June. When the points were added up, the California juniors finished on top of all other states! ...

[ read full article ]

2006 Juniors State Championships

Check out the results here!

2005 Juniors State Championships

Check out the results here!

Photos of the juniors are in this directory:
Unfortunately, I haven't had time to sort and label them, so the quickest way to view them is to download them to your PC. Each file is very large.