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08/18/20172017 Summer Scorcher
Register by Sunday, 7pm, 08/13/2017
08/19/2017RYDF Summer Fun-Raiser
Register by Tuesday, 9pm, 08/15/2017
08/26/2017Jesus (WoR)
Register by Saturday, 6am, 08/26/2017
08/26/2017Sierra Slugfest
Register by Monday, 6pm, 08/21/2017
09/02/2017Port City Shootout
Register by Tuesday, 10am, 08/29/2017
09/07/20172017 Phase IV Scientific Health & Performance ProAm/IRT Pro Stop
Register by Saturday, 3pm, 09/02/2017
09/08/2017Fran Davis Racquetball Camp
Register by Tuesday, 9pm, 08/08/2017
Late entry deadline: Friday, 9pm
09/16/2017Rumble N Reno Shootout
Register by Monday, 10am, 09/11/2017
09/20/2017WOR 3 WallBall Championships
Register by Wednesday, 9pm, 09/13/2017
Late entry deadline: Saturday, 9pm
09/30/2017Wine Country Wallbanger
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12/01/20172017 NMRA Doubles Only
Register by Monday, 9pm, 11/13/2017

Team California/Nevada scores big at USA Junior Olympics

The USA Racquetball Junior country (aka National Championships) were held in Stockton this year from June 21st thru the 25th. There were 183 players from across the country battling for National Championships as well as the honor to be on Team USA for the World Championships. The top two singles players and top doubles team qualify for Team USA.

For most of the week temperatures were around 110, with some relief once inside either at In Shape West Lane or In Shape Quail Lakes. Players had a lot of play as most divisions were either Olympic style or Round Robin and most players played multiple divisions. Many finals were completed on Saturday with the remainder on Sunday afternoon.

The Saturday banquet has to be one of the best there has been for this junior event. Led by Nick Irvine, it was held outside at the host hotel, University Plaza. Nice buffet line, good seating, and cooperative weather made for a great time. Nick kept things entertaining and moving along. It was announced that the 2018 Junior Olympics will be in Des Moines, Iowa.

Team California/Nevada is well represented with qualifiers for Team USA with Boys representing in every age division, World and Esprit and Girls representing in every group other than the 18 and under. A total of 11 California players qualified for Team USA World or Esprit! Congratulations to all our CNRA juniors!!!!!!

Note: The CNRA provided financial assistance to the majority of the players based on those signing up by the deadline.


World Cup:
*18 and under
Boys – Daniel Rojas Silver Singles; Daniel Rojas Gold Doubles
*16 and under
Girls – Nikita Chauhan Silver Singles; Nikita Chauhan Gold Doubles
Boys – Sahil Thakur Silver Singles; Julian Singh Gold Doubles

*14 and under
Girls – Heather Mahoney Silver Singles; Heather Mahoney Gold Doubles
Boys – Antonio Rojas Silver Singles; Antonio Rojas Gold Doubles

*12 and under
Girls – Heather Mahoney Gold Singles; Arya and Esha Cyril Gold Doubles
Boys – Vedant Chauhan Gold Singles; Vedant Chauhan Gold Doubles

*10 and under
Girls – Sonya Shetty Gold Singles; Ava Naworski Silver Singles; Sonya Shetty and Ava Naworski Gold Doubles
Boys – Angel Galvan Silver Singles; Angel Galvan and Eshan Ali Gold Doubles

National Junior Olympic Championships

(May 21, 2017)  The 2017 California National Guard Junior Olympic Championships, presented by Penn and Visit Stockton is fast approaching. This event is hosted at In-Shape Health Clubs - West Lane & Quail Lakes.

In support of the CNRA juniors attending the National Junior Olympics the CNRA Junior Committee recommended and the board accepted the motion which will honor the first 30 players from California/Nevada to sign up by May 26th $100 to assist with tournament/travel expenses. Once the initial 30 players have been reached additional registrants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration travel distance. To be eligible players must sign up by May 31st.

Also as a reminder the first 100 First Time players (those who haven’t competed in a Junior Olympic event in the past three years) may enter 1 division at no entry cost. Try it, you’ll like it! So.... bring a friend!! To take advantage of this limited special offer, First Time Free entrants must register by May 31st.

CNRA Board Elections

(May 01, 2017) Are you up for the challenge? The CNRA is looking for qualified and interested candidates to fill 3 vacant positions on the current CNRA Board of Directors. Please click on the link to the pdf file which provides all the information you will need or contact Ruben Antilla, Election Chair, directly at

Tourney Director Profile: Steve Cook

(Apr 07, 2017)  Steve started playing as a kid when his dad would go to the club, he would hit the ball around in between their games and then try to get friends to play when they were on break from school. He played off an on until he was around 26 or 27, when his wife had a co-worker that wanted to play so Steve and he started to play on a regular basis. Soon after he was introduced to some other people that were playing at the club all the time and they were also tournament players. John Winings talked Steve into playing his first tournament, which was in Merced. He has been hooked ever since. He currently plays in either Open/Elite or the 50+ divisions.


Steve is currently the Club Pro and racquetball director at Twin Arbors Athletic Club in Lodi. In the past he has been a board member to the CNRA and the ERA for Team Ektelon and is currently an Advisory Board member of the CNRA

As the Racquetball Director at Twin Arbors he runs two tournament/shootouts a year, 2-3 leagues, clinics and junior classes. Over the years he has worked closely with John Ellis running IRT, LPRT, CPRT and WOR Champs tournaments.

Steve thanks his dad for introducing him to the game, John Winings for teaching him the game, Barbara Tibbons for getting him involved in running events and at the state level and last but not least, John Ellis and his parents Dave and Pat for all their help and passion that they give back to this great sport.

Congratulations to Dane Elkins and all our California/Nevada High School National Players

(Apr 07, 2017)  Dane Elkins recently achieved something that has only been done one other time in the 30-year history of the High School National Championships. Dane not only won the Boys #1 Singles but also partnered with Jared Anwar to win the Boys #1 Doubles and Atossa Rejaei to win the Mixed #1 Doubles. With his #1 Gold in the Singles Dane was appointed to the 2017 US Junior National Team. Congratulations Dane for this accomplishment and congratulations to Jared Anwar and Atossa for being great partners!

You can read more about the High School Nationals:


NorCal and SoCal Junior State Championships

(Apr 07, 2017)  Over 50 young players hit the courts at Prime Time in Burlingame and Los Cab in Fountain Valley for our annual NorCal and SoCal Junior State Championships. Tournament Directors, Kim Randolph and Dorcy Norton did an awesome job ensuring everyone had plenty of play and a great time. Most went home with one of our new championship medals for their efforts. Brian Dixon the CNRA Junior Committee chairman was responsible for making these championships a success. Pictures will be posted soon. Congrats to all of the juniors!!!!!

[NorCal results] [SoCal results]

2016 IRF Junior World Championships

From the CNRA Board of Directors and the entire CNRA membership congratulations to our juniors for representing us at the recent IRF Junior World Championships held in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. You were all awesome and played your hearts out! Nikita and Vedant Chauhan, Ricardo Diaz, Dane Elkins, Heather Mahoney, Nikhil Prasad, Ingrid Robledo, Antonia and Daniel Rojas, and Krish and Sahil Thakur

World Cup
G16D -- Briana Jacquet/Ingrid Robledo -- Silver
G18S -- Erika Manilla -- Gold
G18S -- Jordan Cooperrider -- Bronze
B18S -- Wayne Antone -- Bronze
G18D -- Erika Manilla/Jordan Cooperrider -- Silver
B18D -- Jake Birnel/Daniel Rojas -- Silver

Esprit Cup
G10S -- Kareena Mathew -- Silver
B10S -- Benjamin Horner -- Bronze
B10S -- Nikhil Prasad -- Bronze
B10S Red -- Gatlin Sutherland -- Bronze
B10S White -- Brandon Ausucua -- Bronze
G10D -- Ava Kaiser/Kareena Mathew -- Bronze
B10D -- Nikhil Prasad/Gatlin Sutherland -- Bronze
G12S -- Julia Stein -- Bronze
B12S -- Vedant Chauhan -- Bronze
B12S Blue -- Josh Shea -- Bronze
G12D -- Heather Mahoney/Julia Stein -- Bronze
B12D -- Vedant Chauhan/Josh Shea -- Silver

Overall Results
US World Cup Team 3rd (Mexico/Bolivia/USA)
Boys WC Team 3rd (Mexico/Bolivia/USA)
Girls WC Team 2nd (Mexico/USA/Bolivia)
Esprit Team 3rd overall (Mexico/Bolivia/USA)
Boys Esprit Team 3rd (Mexico/Bolivia/USA)
Girls Esprit Team 3rd (Mexico/Bolivia/USA)

2016 Junior Worlds…

Recently the CNRA completed a campaign to help raise money for those CNRA juniors traveling to the Junior World Championships in Mexico. The 50/50 Split Raffle was well received and we just want to say thanks to all who participated, 'sellers and buyers’. We could not have done this without you!


Tourney Director Profile: Debbie Tisinger-Moore


(Nov 28, 2016)  Debbie was introduced to racquetball by her Dad and started playing in 1980. She had 3 children from 1983 – 1991 and also in that time was hired as the Teaching Pro/Director at Racquet World C.P. In 1992 Debbie won her first National Championship and the winning continues to this day! Debbie has worked at a number of southern California clubs and is currently working for the 360 Club & Crunch Fitness where she is the Teaching Pro/RB Director. Her resume includes running leagues, teaching lessons, drill sessions, junior programs, and for the last 26 years hosting no less than 6 major tournaments each year.

Along with Debbie’s incredible playing accomplishments on the court she has also received the Peggy Steding Female Age Group Award from USA Racquetball in 2002, 2006, 2012, 2013, and 2014 and as a highlight of her career in 2013 she was inducted into the USA Racquetball Hall of Fame.

If you are interested in league play, lessons, and tournaments in Debbie’s area feel free to contact her at, (Lesson Flyer (PDF))

Once again thanks to Debbie and her volunteers for all of her hard work promoting racquetball and supporting the CNRA!!!!

Tourney Director Profile: John Ellis

(Nov 08, 2016)  The CNRA will be highlighting our Tournament Directors over the next couple of months as a way to say THANK YOU and also let everyone know just how they got started playing, teaching, coaching, and running events. All of our Tournament Directors are very special to us! First up on the hit parade is JOHN ELLIS and look for more to come.


John first hit a racquetball in the fall of 1975 after he had just turned 3 years old and entering his first tournament in Tracy at 5. It was a Juniors 16 & Under Division and his parents just decided to sign him up since dad, Dave, was playing tournaments. Although he did not win the event he beat a 15 year old in his first match. He has now been playing for 41 years at all levels and at one time up to #3 on the IRT, winning 9 pro stops and still plays at a nice Open level.

John is the proud owner of Pro Racquetball Academy and the Racquetball Director for In-Shape Health Clubs as an outsourced entity. He has been the Assistant Coach on the USA National Racquetball Team for several IRF Events and is the lead instructor for the Stockton Junior Racquetball Program. He and his staff have developed the Shootout Style of tournament play that is now very popular in the USA and recently introduced the Jamboree Style of league play that is used at the In-Shape Health Clubs. They have experience in hosting amateur to professional racquetball tournaments, along with junior events from local to the national level.

He has been available for racquetball lessons for over 30 years! John continues to host 2-4 lessons a week. Occasionally he uses video analysis as part of his lessons, but the main focus during lessons is two fold. First, how to score points and defend points easier, and second, how to drill later for improvement on one's own time. Email John at if you want to improve!

Thanks to John and all of his hard working volunteer staff for the great job they do promoting racquetball and supporting the CNRA!!!!

CNRA Sends Eleven Juniors to the IRF Junior World Championships

(Nov 02, 2016)  The IRF Junior World Championships will be held November 12-19 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Of the twenty-five (25) US junior players attending the CNRA will be sending eleven (11) juniors to the event. What an awesome accomplishment! The CNRA has been doing some fundraising for our junior players, including the $1 donation when players enter tournaments on R2 and most recently selling 50/50 split raffle tickets at tournaments from August through the end of October. With these fundraising activities and the help of the CNRA general fund each player attending the tournament will receive no less than $250 to help defray some of the cost of their trip. Many juniors have led and/or helped in selling the raffle tickets. Those juniors have been tracked accordingly and will receive additional funding. Many thanks to our tournament directors for their assistance in these activities and to everyone for their continued support. Go Team USA make us proud!!!!!!!

Nikita Chauhan – 14 Singles, 14 Doubles
Vedant Chauhan – 12 Singles (gold) – Silver and 12 Doubles Gold
Ricardo Diaz – 16 Doubles
Dane Elkins – 16 Singles. 16 Doubles
Heather Mahoney – 12 Singles and Doubles Gold
Nikhil Prasad – 10 Singles (gold) - Gold, 10 Doubles Gold
Ingrid Robledo – 16 Singles, 16 Doubles
Antonia Rojas – 14 Singles, 14 Doubles
Daniel Mauro Rojas – 18 Doubles, National HS Champion
Krish Thakur – 12 Singles (gold) – Gold
Sahil Thakur – 14 Singles and Doubles

Thanks from the CNRA Board of Directors

We would like to thank ALL of our dedicated tournament and program directors for all they do for the sport we all love! A special congratulations to Randy Lam on 20 years as Debbie Tisinger-Moore’s awesome ‘right hand man’. All of your dedication to working with the CNRA is greatly appreciated and we look forward to bigger and better things as we are working on several initiatives for our membership.


The CNRA Announces the 2016 Jack Hughes Educational Scholarship Award Recipient

(Oct 24, 2016)  The CNRA is proud to announce that Luis Avila has been awarded the Jack Hughes Educational Scholarship for 2016. The $750 scholarship is awarded to any California or Nevada resident, college student, who has demonstrated their desire to expand racquetball while pursuing their education. The award is paid directly to the recipients’ school. Luis is attending El Camino College majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Good luck both on and off the court. Congratulations from the entire CNRA Board of Directors!


Fifty plus players from California and Nevada made the trip to Minnesota to complete in the biggest racquetball tournament of the year. Many returned with medals,, and all renewed old friendships and experienced competition above and beyond. A special congratulations to Jose and Marco Rojas for their FANTASTIC win in the Pro Doubles and to all the medal winners and participants!

Seeking CNRA President's Awards Nominations

(Jul 27, 2016) The CNRA has in past years awarded Presidential Awards in a number of categories. The nominees came from the board and were then voted on by the board. We are changing the process so that our members can be more involved. We are asking you to submit nominations and then the vote will be put out to our CNRA membership. We are looking for nominations for successes and/or recognition during the year of 2015. You do not need to nominate someone in every category just the ones you might choose. When submitting your nomination you must identify the category and also submit a maximum 5 sentence justification.

Here are the categories:

  • Female Athlete
  • Male Athlete
  • Junior Male Athlete
  • Junior Female Athlete
  • Collegiate Male Player
  • Collegiate Female Player
  • Racquetball Director
  • Contributor
  • Newest Rising Star
  • Volunteer

Your nominations and justifications are due back to Terry Rogers, CNRA President/Acting Secretary. (, on or before August 5, 2016.

Jack Hughes Educational Scholarship Award

(Jul 21, 2016)  The CNRA is pleased to announce the return of the JACK HUGHES EDUCATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP AWARD! Any California or Nevada resident, college student, who has demonstrated their desire to expand racquetball, may apply for this scholarship.

The window to apply is July 21, 2016 through August 23, 2016. The Jack Hughes Scholarship will be awarded in mid September. The Scholarship will be paid directly to the recipients' college.

For a complete Scholarship packet, please contact Terry Rogers, CNRA President, at your earliest opportunity, to give yourself enough time to complete the application. The CNRA Scholarship Committee will review the information and announce the winner.

Return the completed package via email or mail to:
CNRA c/o Terry Rogers, President
8317 Divernon Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89149

Racquetball Program Initiatives for CNRA Members

California/Nevada Racquetball Players,

We are excited to announce several new programs for racquetball players here in California & Nevada that we hope each of you will take advantage of, as well as your club. Growing racquetball in local clubs and providing players with opportunities to m